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Our guiding principle: Let's make sensors more individual

We think in terms of sensor systems and measurement technology.
In the interest of our customers.
Since 1992.

Unique sensor systems and customised measurement technology are our core competences and form a strong base for state-of-the-art technologies and system solutions. Our experience and our ideas, combined with the knowledge of our customers, are the prerequisites for this.
Finding the proper solution always begins with best-possible personal consulting.
With Sensor Instruments this means: Our long-time, continuously trained sales partners come directly to your place. As experts in the field of sensor technology they know the industry, and they take the time to find the optimal solution for your application. Because you can only know the detailed requirements of customers if you have a clear picture of the task and of the environment. You also will always find a partner to answer your questions in our company: With their professional expertise our employees will provide competent support, always with an eye on the target. All this ensures special solutions that are perfectly matched to your requirements.



We exhibit:

K 2019
Düsseldorf, Germany
16-23 October 2019

smart production solutions

Nuremberg, Germany
26-28 November 2019


New press release:
Perfect Gloss Measurement!


New videos:
Demo counting transparent plastic covers with SPECTRO-1-CONLAS and A-LAS-N-F16-...
Demo product authentication with LUMI-STAR-MOBILE-BL/OR-POL-IOS
Demo leather marking with LUMI-INLINE-SL-IR/IR


New applications:
Application News N°639-641
Welding line detection on stainless steel tubes (N°639)
Welding line control on stainless steel tubes (N°640)
Inline-control of welding lines in stainless steel tubes (N°641)


Important notes about
software updates:


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