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With our name we represent

... Experience
Since 1992 we have been developing, producing, and selling high-quality sensors and special measurement systems for applications in industry core sectors. Our specialists in our branches all over the world are in constant dialog with our customers and with Sensor Instruments. They listen, they analyse, and they so find the  best special solution for your requirements.
... Innovation
Developing new technologies into trend-setting products is motivation enough for repeatedly setting new standards with innovative research, for turning visions into reality. Our patents and our ideas speak for themselves here.  
... Performance
Material inspection, measuring, positioning, switching, counting, or spray jet controlling? For color, gloss, contrast, luminescence, quantification, distance, turbidity, position, frequency, reflection, diameter, extension, spectral analysis, thickness? For us there (almost) is no such thing as "no can do". The great variety of our product range simply is fantastic and surely offers a suitable and economically efficient solution for every demand. Professional, trend-setting, and always optimally matched to your individual requirements. Always added value for you.
... Commitment
Your PLUS in cooperating with Sensor Instruments is our reliability and our willingness to perform. We stand by your side as a partner. With excellently trained employees, with personal and highly competent consulting service. The common objective in the consulting and service cycle always is to achieve the best solution for you. Right from the start.


Our sales partner UNITECHNOLOGY exhibits:

2nd Highly-functional

Makuhari Messe, Japan
4-6 December 2019


Review of the SPS 2019


New press release:
Perfect Light for the Car Interior


New videos:
Tutorial L-LAS-Spray-Control-Scope V2.0 software
Counting transparent plastic covers with SPECTRO-1-CONLAS and A-LAS-N-F16-...
Product authentication with LUMI-STAR-MOBILE-BL/OR-POL-IOS
eather marking with LUMI-INLINE-SL-IR/IR


New applications:
Application News N°639-641
Welding line detection on stainless steel tubes (N°639)
Welding line control on stainless steel tubes (N°640)
Inline-control of welding lines in stainless steel tubes (N°641)


Important notes about
software updates:


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