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  IFAT 2024, World's leading trade fair for environmental technologies

Video as shown at our stand at IFAT 2024 at the joint stand of Bayern Innovativ.

Presentation of our sensor systems for the plastics recycling industry:
Inline and laboratory measuring systems for measuring color, plastic type as well as markers of plastic recyclates and plastic flakes.
00:03:51 (2024.05.21)

  KOPLAS 2023, Korea International Plastics and Rubber Show

Video from the booth of our distributor USEONG Electrade Co. at KOPLAS 2023 (Korea International Plastics & Rubber Show).
Presentation of the products of the RED, COAST, GLOSS, SPECTRO-3-MSM and LUMI-LAB series:
RED edge detectors, COAST color and structure sensors, GLOSS gloss detection sensors, SPECTRO3-MSM-ANA analog color measurement sensors, SPECTRO3-MSM-DIG digital color measurement sensors, LUMI-LAB laboratory measurement systems for measuring the colour (L*a*b*) of plastic recyclates and plastic flakes.

Please contact us or our distribution partner USEONG Electrade Co. for more information.

  K 2022, Düsseldorf: Taggant Technology - LUMI-STAR

The devices of the LUMI-STAR-INLINE series are imaging systems. Fluorescent marker particles introduced into the object to be examined are excited in the UVA range or in the blue wavelength range and reproduced in the recorded video image. The particle distribution is purely random and therefore unique for each object.

For further information please contact us directly.

  K 2022, Düsseldorf: Taggant Technology - Intelligent plastic spirit level

TAGTEC - a product line that enables information to be generated in plastics.
In times of increasing product piracy - not only for safety-relevant products but also for everyday objects - it is becoming more and more important to better protect your own items against unauthorized copies.

Together with our partner companies, we offer complete solutions that range from the selection of a suitable means of identification to its application or incorporation into the respective product to clear identification.
No chance for a pirated copy - we will help you!

Confidentiality is mandatory. We therefore ask you to contact us directly so that we can discuss your concerns with you.

Tutorial L-LAS Spray Control Scope V2.1

With the spray jet profile sensors of the L-LAS-TB-…-AL-SC series, a laser light curtain is directed through the spray jet. On the opposite side of the spray jet, the jet profile (rather the transmission through the spray jet) is recorded using a line detector and evaluated using suitable software.

The Windows software L-LAS-SPRAY-CONTROL-Scope is available for convenient parameterization and monitoring. With a special housing, the system can also be used in hazardous areas.

  Tutorial SPECTRO1 Spray Control Scope V1.0

The single-channel version SPECTRO-1-FIO-JC of a spray jet monitoring system is ideally suited for use in the Ex area using transmitted light guides, but of course also outside the Ex area. A parallel white light beam (collimation of the white light is achieved by a suitable attachment optics) is directed onto the spray jet and the light arriving on the side opposite the spray jet is focused by a receiver attachment optics onto the front surface of the receiving light guide. The jet attenuation compared to the state when the spray jet is not present serves as a measure of the density of the spray jet.

The evaluation is conveniently supported by the parameterization and monitoring software SPECTRO1-SPRAY-CONTROL-Scope.

  Let's make recycling even better - laboratory device - L*a*b*

Color measurement of plastic recyclates:
Product introduction of laboratory color measurement device SPECTRO-3-0°/45°-MSM-LAB-ANA-P.

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  Measuring the pellet sample with SPECTRO-3-0°/45°-MSM-LAB-ANA-P

Color measurement of recyclate samples with laboratory device SPECTRO-3-0°/45°-MSM-LAB-ANA-P: After successful calibration, the recyclate recording unit must be flanged to the calibration recording unit for the color measurement of plastic recyclates. To do this, the RAL plastic card that may still be in the calibration recording unit must first be removed. After opening the pellet sample container, pour the pellets completely into the funnel and place the empty sample container in the recess provided below the recyclate receiving unit.

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  Calibration of laboratory device SPECTRO-3-0°/45°-MSM-LAB-ANA-P

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  Commissioning of laboratory device SPECTRO-3-0°/45°-MSM-LAB-ANA-P

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  The cycle of color - SPECTRO3-MSM-DOCAL-Scope V1.0

Making sure things don´t get too colorful when using plastic recyclates.
A combination of technical progress in the processing and sorting of plastic waste and the impact of EU legal requirements (50 % of plastic packaging must be recycled by 2025 and 55% by 2030) means that the amount of recyclable plastic waste has been steadily increasing for years. The requirements placed on the quality of recyclates have also been increasing. In addition to the type of plastic and its former purpose, the color of the recyclate is also assuming increasing importance.

This video shows the possible applications of the SPECTRO3-MSM-DOCAL-Scope V1.0 software in combination with the SPECTRO-3-0°/45°-MSM-LAB-ANA-P laboratory color measurement system (see also → SPECTRO-LAB-SYSTEMS).
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 Presentation of the SPECTRO-M series: Oil detection

The recognition of thin oil layers on metals, especially in sheet forming processes is assuming ever-greater importance in the e-mobility age. If it is necessary to determine whether the drawing oil layer applied is located within the tolerance range before the punching process, it is first necessary to check after the cleaning procedure whether residual oil has been removed from the metal surface to the whole. The increasing use of synthetic special oils means that previous methods used to perform oil controls can no longer be used, as these new oils do not have any fluorescent characteristics. In the mid-wavelength infrared light range (MIR) on the other hand, even ultra-thin layers are rendered “visible” again.

This video gives a brief insight into the standardized MIR absorption method. It also deals with the evaporation process of oils and establishes a relation to the most common approach used to determine the surface tension value using test ink methods.
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Software SensorFinder V1.1 in connection with cab-4/USB or cab-5/USB

The software "SensorFinder" is a tool to search for intelligent sensors from Sensor Instruments, which are connected to the local PC. The identity, firmware and connection settings of the respective sensors are listed for each individual sensor in a clear, compact representation.

This video shows how to install the "SensorFinder" software, how a USB converter of type cab-4/USB or cab-5/USB establishes a connection between sensor and PC and how to find available sensors with "SensorFinder".
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Software SensorFinder V1.1 in connection with cab-4/ETH or cab-5/ETH

The software "SensorFinder" is a tool to search for intelligent sensors from Sensor Instruments, which are connected to the local PC. The identity, firmware and connection settings of the respective sensors are listed for each individual sensor in a clear, compact representation.

This video shows how to install the "SensorFinder" software, how an Ethernet converter of type cab-4/ETH or cab-5/ETH establishes a connection between sensor and PC and how to find available sensors with "SensorFinder".
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  Tutorial software L-LAS-Spray-Control-Scope V2.0

Parameterization of the software L-LAS-Spray-Control-Scope V2.0 for the implementation of spray jet control with the line sensor L-LAS-TB-28-T-AL-SC (transmitter) and L-LAS-TB-28-R-AL-SC (receiver).
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ounting transparent plastic covers with
         SPECTRO-1-CONLAS and A-LAS-N-F16-9.5x0.8-150/80-C-2m

Application example of the control electronics SPECTRO-1-CONLAS in connection with the sensor front end A-LAS-N-F16-9.5x0.8-150/80-C-2m:
Counting transparent plastic covers.
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roduct authentication with LUMI-STAR-MOBILE-BL/OR-POL-IOS

Application example with a LUMI-STAR-MOBILE-BL/OR-POL-IOS:
Product authentication of blister foils.
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  Leather marking with LUMI-INLINE-SL-IR/IR

Application example of a LUMI-INLINE-SL-IR/IR for leather marking:
Inline detectors for automated checking of product markers during the production process.
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  Tutorial spray jet control with L-LAS-TB-75-AL

Implementation of the spray jet control with the line sensor L-LAS-TB-75-T-AL (transmitter) and L-LAS-TB-75-R-AL (receiver) using a car windscreen washer jet as an example. 


Application video for parameterisation of the SPECTRO-1-CONLAS control unit in combination with sensor frontend A-LAS-N-F16-9.5x0.8-150/80-C-2m. The difficulty of this measuring task is the correct counting of transparent plastic caps. The "DIFFERENTIATOR" operating mode solves this problem.

  Tutorial EXTERN TEACH with color sensor SPECTRO-3-DIL-SL

The EXTERN TEACH option allows you to teach colors without using a PC.

  Tutorial spray jet monitoring with A-LAS-CON1

Implementation of spray jet monitoring: The volume quantity of a spraying process should be determined. This application uses an A-LAS-CON1 control unit and an analog laser light barrier of type A-LAS-F24-16x1-40/60.

  Tutorial SPECTRO3-COMFORT-Scope software

Operation of the SPECTRO3-COMFORT-Scope Software

  Tutorial microdosing monitoring

Monitoring of a microdosing system: The parameters to be monitored are the pulses at which the material to be dosed is emitted and the quantity of the material. In this setup, the control electronics A-LAS-CON1 and an analog laser photoelectric sensor of the type A-LAS-F12-1x0.2-50/50 are used.

  Tutorial color detection of moving self-luminous objects

Colour and speed detection of "moving self-luminous objects" In this application both the colour and the speed of moving and luminous LEDs (moving self-luminous objects) should be detected.

  Tutorial SPECTRO-3 color sensor - PARA mode
            (works with two parameter sets)

Patterns of the interior field (automotive) should be divided in two groups (dark and bright) and should be distinguished with different sets of parameters.

  Tutorial SPECTRO-3 color sensor for interior areas

In the interior areas (automotive sector) various textiles or imitation leather should be detected whose surfaces differ in color and structur (gloss). For this task situation a color gloss detection sensor type SPECTRO-3-50-FCL is used, the handling of this sensor is being demonstrated here: Selection of the sensor, connection setup, parameter setting, teach process, verification of the taught colors, color recognition, evaluation.

  Color-gloss and structure sensors of COAST Series

Color, gloss and structure detection with the COAST hybrid-sensor.


Participation at trade fairs:

 •   PRS Europe 2024 
•   Sensors Converge 2024
 •   SKZ Innovation Day 2024
•   SKZ Network Day 2024
 •   SKZ Technology Day 2024
 •   PRS Middle East & Africa 2024
 •   Plastics Recycling World Expo
Europe 2024
 •   Plastics Recycling World Expo
North America 2024
 •   PRS Asia 2024
 •   PRS India 2024
 •   European Coatings Show 2025



  Sensor systems for the plastics recycling industry
Color measurement of recyclates



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Software news:

SPECTRO3-MSM-DIG-Scope V1.5 (2021.10.20)



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