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Color-gloss and structure sensors
COAST Series

The sensors of the COAST Series (COlor And STructure) are hybrid sensors that comprises two sensors that only are synchronised by the LED ring light but otherwise operate independently of each other. Both sensors can be connected to a PLC or to a PC.

One of the two sensors (color sensor) provides information about the color and gloss of the object to be inspected, while the other sensor (structure sensor) checks the structure of the surface.

Using forward and backward scattering of object surfaces in PARA mode:
Some object surfaces are very hard to differentiate if only backward scattering is used. If, however, forward scattering is used in addition, surfaces that have very similar colours but slightly different structures can be differentiated quite well.  Light is directed onto the surface at an angle of -30° and +30° from the normal (vertical).  Only one light source is active at a time, which allows independent evaluation of forward and backward scattering.

For each sensor (color sensor and structure sensor) a specific parameter set is saved both for backward and forward scattering, i.e. altogether four parameter sets are available:

1. Parameter set (IN0 = 0)  ⇒  Color sensor: Forward reflection
2. Parameter set (IN0 = 0)  ⇒  Structure sensor: Backward reflection
3. Parameter set (IN0 = 1)  ⇒  Color sensor: Backward reflection
4. Parameter set (IN0 = 1)  ⇒  Structure sensor: Forward reflection


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