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Laser compact light barriers
C-LAS Series

The laser sensors of the C-LAS series are characterised by their compact yet sturdy design. In addition to a one-way system (C-LAS-14) with a transmitter/receiver distance of 100 mm to 100 m the product range also includes various reflection types.

The C-LAS-LR-RP2 type, for example, allows a reflector distance of up to 20 m. In case of type C-LAS-LR-OP2 the object itself serves as a reflector, this type is also available as a high speed variant with a switching frequency of 20 kHz.

In addition to the C-LAS-LT-65 sensor type with background suppression and bright/dark compensation, there also is an analog version C-LAS-LT-65-ANA with a measuring range of 40 mm to 100 mm – and with this model bright/dark compensation also prevents a distance offset when there is a change from bright objects to dark objects (or dark to bright).
C-LAS sensors are ideally suited for positioning tasks.



Trade fairs:

Empack Utrecht 2020
15, 16 & 17 September 2020
Jaarbeurs Utrecht

all about automation 2021
9 & 10 March 2021
Messe Friedrichshafen


New applications:

Color differentiation of black and brown interieur plastic components
Distance measurement of plastic side windows
Distance measurement to insulation panels


New press release:

Gaps in Parquet Flooring
RED Series


New videos:

Tutorial L-LAS-Spray-Control-Scope V2.0 software
Counting transparent plastic covers with SPECTRO-1-CONLAS and A-LAS-N-F16-...
Product authentication with LUMI-STAR-MOBILE-BL/OR-POL-IOS
Leather marking with LUMI-INLINE-SL-IR/IR


Important notes about software updates:



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